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One of the beautiful parts about makeup artistry is that with the right products and skills, you can both create and erase. You not only materialize depth, dimension, plump skin, and sculpted features, but also make fine lines, dark spots, dark circles, and inflamed blemishes invisible to the human eye. No one knows how to make unsightly skin issues disappear quite as magically as the industry's top makeup artists, whose job it is to make
all clients look like their skin is awake and flawless, even when it's not. Having worked with pretty much every concealer on the market to tackle serious under-eye shadows, breakouts, and more, these pros have come to rely on all-time favorites that they know will do the job without caking, flaking, fading, or settling. Since concealer is an essential for almost every makeup wardrobe except those blessed with J.Lo's exact complexion (hey, even J.Lo needs it on occasion), we tapped top artists to reveal their number one picks, and why. Keep scrolling to find out their concealer soul mates!

The Artist
: Melissa Walsh

The Clients: Taylor Schilling, Brittany Snow, Lisa Marie Presley

The Concealer: Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer

Why: “Not only does a little go a long way, but it covers everything from dark circles to pimples and doesn't feel heavy or get cakey. It also is vegan, organic, and toxin free.

My tip for applying is after foundation use a blotting sheet to take off excess oil where you are going to apply concealer so that it doesn't slide off, and then pat on under your eyes with your ring finger to blend. On pimples, use the tiniest brush you can find (eyeliner brushes work well) and dot on top of the pimple. Lightly pat in and then set with a dusting of powder.”