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It’s one of life’s great ironies: We go into every new year with the intention of being our best selves, only to spend the majority of January 1 hungover on the couch. Even if you didn’t rage all night for New Year’s Eve, it’s kind of hard not to feel utterly exhausted after a whirlwind holiday season filled with parties, shopping and, well, stress.

Since you don’t exactly want to roll up to work tomorrow looking like you stayed up late all break binge-watching “Making a Murderer” (so good), we asked a handful of celebrity makeup artists—those people tasked with making stars appear gorgeous when they have back-to-back red carpet events and after parties—for their tips on how to look more awake. Scroll through and prepare to fool everyone.

Georgi Sandev, editorial makeup artist for VOGUE Brasil, Lui Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar China

“Use a lip scrub to make sure that wine stain from the night before is completely gone. A smooth lip always adds that extra oomph to the overall freshness of your look. Never forget: an eyelash curler can work magic! It is an instant eye opener. Curl your lashes for an immediate awakening of the face. Follow with a soft coat of mascara if desired; Hynt Beauty is organic and works beautifully.”

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