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In MindBodyGreen’s first-ever makeup tutorial, I showed how to get a fresh-faced look usingall-natural, cruelty-free makeup on their staff editor, Allie White (without any retouching).


…and that’s OK! Maybe you’re not cool with walking out of the house naked faced — not everyone is.

Or from time-to-time you just might have an issue you’d prefer to minimize (i.e. acne and dark circles).

Maybe you simply want to bring out your favorite features — all without looking like you tried super hard.

If that’s what you’re up to, then a more natural look is the way to go and doing it with “green” products that won’t harm your skin’s health…well, now you’ve hit the beauty jackpot!

Below you can see what I (really) used on Allie.

Click each product for details and to easily buy whatever inspires you!