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These days I will only use physical sunscreens. I’m not willing to use chemical blockers, which pretty much limits my options to zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. I’ve never had an issue with either of these minerals and find that titanium-based sunblocks usually have a thinner consistency than zinc sunblock. Although I do not have oily skin, I’ve been finding that my recent tries are resulting in slick appearance on my face. I should also note that I have fair skin and haven’t ever had an issue with the white cast of sunblock that others complain about.

The Hynt Beauty website states that its products are “free of all ingredients known to be, or are questioned to be, harmful and irritable for the skin and body.” Generally speaking, most of their products appear to be pretty clean, which is important to me. For this reason and my current search for a new sunblock, I was very happy to try the Hynt Beauty Sun Prep Broad Spectrum SPF30 Sunscreen ($55).

The ingredient deck of the Sun Prep begins with hydrating ingredients, including aloe vera, sesame seed oil and hyaluronic acid, followed up by antioxidant-rich green tea for added protection against free radicals. The formula even includes a skin-lightening licorice root to help with pesky sun spots. In addition there are skin soothers such as allantoin, comfrey root and chamomile. The preservative of choice is leucidal liquid (aka radish root), which is a preferred preservative of mine and believed to be very benign.

As they say, the proof is in the putting. I loved using this sunblock! The consistency is light and blends into the skin well. More importantly, I didn’t end up with an oily complexion by the end of the day. It also acts as a primer and makeup goes on nicely over the product with no pilling. There was no white cast, although, like I said before, this isn’t usually an issue for me. The scent is fresh and light upon application, but doesn’t linger.

I would highly recommend this product and will purchase it again.