The Best Powder Blush

Searching for a matte cheek blush that won’t settle into fine lines or dry your skin? Or a bronzing powder that is subtle enough to use across all seasons? Sensitive to Bismuth Oxychloride formulations? Hynt Beauty offers non-drying, toxin-free and vegan cheek blushes and flattering bronzer to subtly contour your complexion so that your natural beauty may shine.

Carcinogen-free Makeup

We offer our naturally hued blushes in two different formulations to cater to your skin’s needs and your desired look. ALTO Matte Powder Blush is a shimmer- and titanium dioxide-free makeup essential in our everyday kit. ALTO Radiant Powder Blush is perfect for accentuating your cheeks with a youthful glow, still with no irritants such as bismuth-dioxide often found in mineral makeup lines. No matter, all items are paraben-free, free of petro-chemicals and toxins, vegan and does not use any ingredients that are known to be unhealthy for you and your skin. Order yours today or contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to help.