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sponge blender Duo Liner Angled  Brow Blending Brush Brush: Vegan & Peta Approved
Pointed Tip Shadow and Liner Smudger Brush: Vegan, Peta Approved Flat Concealer Applicator Brush with Oval Tip: Vegan & Peta Approved Eye Shadow Application & Blender Brush: Vegan & Peta Approved
Smudger Brush
Price: $20.00
Concealer Brush
Price: $22.00
Air Blender Brush with Short Handle: Vegan, Peta Approved Flat Top Powder Foundation Application Brush: Vegan & Peta Approved
Flat Top Foundation Brush
Price: $28.00


The Best Makeup Brushes

To apply makeup like a professional makeup artist, it is important to have a set of the highest quality brushes. Each cosmetic brush has its own purpose, and using the correct brush helps ensure an even coverage and a polished finish. We offer what we believe are the best vegan makeup brushes on the market that is especially effective for applying powder foundations and natural makeup.

If you are in need of a shadow blender brush to get that perfect smokey eye, a flat-top foundation brush to apply your VELLUTO Pure Powder Foundation, or the best eyeshadow brushes that are handcrafted, you can find the vegan beauty products to further enhance your makeup collection here. Order today or contact us with any questions you may have. We are always happy to hear from you.